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Sales Engineering Mar. 15,2017 Missouri Tools and Merrick Integrated Supply are always looking for compatant outside sales people.   If you have any experiance in sales of industrial supplies or knowledge of cutting tools send your resume to  Apply
Tool Grinding SpecialistAug. 15,2016 Currently there are no positions avaible for tool grinding specialists.  If you are familier with how to grind and recontition tools manually or on ANCA CNC grinders feel free to submit us a resume when a new position becomes available we will contact you.   send to Apply
Customer  ServiceFeb. 15,2017 Currently Missouri Tools and Merrick Integrated Supply are not looking to add additional customer service personel.   But we may be in the near future.  We will be seeking someone with a good personalty who enjoys speaking with customers if you are the person to do that feel free to send us your resume at Apply